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Development trend and status quo of China's label market process:

status quo of China's label Market:

in China, self-adhesive label printing started in the late 1970s. The earliest starting areas are Guangdong, Tianjin and some other coastal cities. The initial equipment and process technology were mainly introduced from Japan's computer console. In the mid-1990s, the self-adhesive label printing began to be gradually popularized throughout the country, and became more and more mature in the aspects of printing technology, equipment performance, and diversification of materials. Especially in recent years, the self-adhesive label printing has sprung up and quickly become a new force. The main reason for its growth is that some manufacturers in Japan and Southeast Asia are optimistic about China's broad consumer market and have invested and put into production. In addition, some state-owned and private printing plants in China are also optimistic about the high profits brought by self-adhesive printing, and have switched to production and put into production. From 1996 to 2000, the net profit of self-adhesive label printing was as high as 18% ~ 22%. The demand for self-adhesive labels in China is growing rapidly by more than 20% every year. However, compared with other developed countries, China's label industry is only in its infancy. At present, China's self-adhesive label market is about 450 ~ 500million square meters, and the per capita share is only 0.3 square meters/person/year. The production capacity of Hong Kong and Guangdong accounts for 67% of China's self-adhesive label market. It is expected that in four to five years, Shanghai will become the largest self-adhesive label market in China, but the current focus is still Guangdong. Some developed countries, such as Australia, have a per capita share of 12 square meters/person/year, and the United States has a per capita share of 15 square meters/person/year. Therefore, China's self-adhesive label market has great potential

it is precisely because of this indisputable fact that many manufacturers have set foot here one after another, resulting in too many manufacturers engaged in the self-adhesive printing industry and too large production and processing capacity, resulting in the disharmonious situation of increasingly fierce competition and supply exceeding demand. In general, the domestic self-adhesive label printing industry is gradually maturing in the process of "polishing", and the self-adhesive label printing products are undergoing the process of transformation from medium and low-grade to medium and high-grade

label plus pants shape sample: the following development trends will appear in the process:

1. in the process and design, the printing pattern will change from monochrome to multi-color, and from simple color blocks, lines and words to visual color printing, so as to better show the richness and beauty of the label picture

2. in the use of materials, it is gradually developing from paper to film and special materials, which not only makes the printed labels more beautiful, but also improves the water and moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and tear resistance of the labels

3. in the use of ink, considering environmental protection, solvent-based ink will be gradually replaced by water-based ink, and UV ink will also be widely used. Because UV ink is dried in the form of curing BASF booth 2014: booth B41, hall N1, Shanghai New International Expo Center, China, no harmful gas is generated, and there is basically no pollution to the environment

4. the processing mode has developed from simplicity to complexity and integration, from single printing and multiple post-processing to the integration of printing and post-processing, so that printing, hot stamping, polishing, punching, die cutting and other processes can be completed online at one time

5. the function of the equipment has developed from single printing to combined printing, that is, one machine has multiple functions such as embossing, flexo printing, gravure printing and printing at the same time, and a label can be printed in multiple ways at the same time

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