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Analysis on the development trend of plastic containers and manufacturing machinery

plastic is favored by container manufacturers because of its low production cost, flexible design, less fuel for aircraft, light weight and good quality. On the retail shelves, its sensory quality has also been sought after by consumers. Therefore, in recent years, plastic containers (including plastic barrels, plastic bottles, chemical barrels, chemical cans and packaging barrels) have been more and more widely used in the packaging field

the increasing demand for plastic containers has prompted container manufacturers to continuously invest a large amount of money in the development of the latest technology. Our Ji'an packaging container company () is no exception. The purpose is to continuously improve the production speed and output, so as to meet the demand of orders. It is predicted that the further popularization of plastic containers in the market will correspondingly lead to a trend change of becoming the backbone of Shandong new material industry. That is, the demand for plastic manufacturing machinery, that is, packaging equipment such as blow molding, will grow rapidly

the rising market of plastic containers promotes the continuous innovation of blow molding technology. Blow molding is the primary method of hollow plastic object molding. It has three basic technologies: extrusion, injection and stretching

extrusion blow molding is usually used in mass applications with a production capacity of more than 50000 or 60000 per hour. Plastic containers usually weigh more than 12 ounces. Extrusion blow molding is an ideal method for food packaging. Stretch blow molding is only suitable for crystalline and crystallizable polymers that are difficult to blow, such as polypropylene and polyethylene terephthalate

injection blow molding is the most popular method. This method has three main advantages: first, the processed container will not have debris; Second, the three blow molding stations in the processing process ensure the forming of the thin container wall and the thick filiform container neck; Third, injection blow molding can realize blow molding a variety of containers. The use of injection blow molding technology can achieve accurate vessel wall thickness and high-quality vessel neck processing after long-term development. It can handle polymers that cannot be extruded. Typical applications include pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and single serving workpieces weighing less than 12 ounces

the blow molding equipment with new technology meets the market demand. The intensification of market competition also promotes the continuous development of blow molding technology. As we all know, the competition in the packaging market is very fierce, which drives the manufacturers of packaging consumer goods to find ways to design products that can enhance the brand appeal. The high-yield blow molding equipment is one of the products favored by plastic container manufacturers, but the significance of the high-yield equipment is far more than fast speed

when the user cools one workpiece, he can inject and blow the other at the same time. Just as ZGS cast steel test block consumers constantly convey their needs to product manufacturers to encourage them to continuously carry out technological innovation and take the leading position in technology, product manufacturers will also put forward higher mechanical production requirements for packaging machinery manufacturers, which also ensures the competitive advantage of packaging machinery manufacturers

diversified equipment is enough to meet the design requirements of the product. The replacement of the whole mature production line is no longer necessary. What we need to do now is to carry out simple mechanical reorganization. For gallon bottles, consumers prefer easy and convenient handles, which need extrusion and blow molding; For single garment parts, stretch PET blow molding is the best method; If you add shrink labels with strange shapes, overstock or stretch blow molding is feasible

the market has higher and higher requirements for packaging equipment. The equipment must achieve the actual high-speed, high-efficiency and low warranty, and at the same time, it must continue to carry out technological innovation. Plastic container manufacturers should keep up with this trend, so that they can not be eliminated by the market

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