China will strengthen the management of packaging

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China will strengthen the management of packaging recycling

it is reported that the national development and Reform Commission is studying and drafting the circular economy promotion law. At the same time, the special regulations for the recycling of packaging materials, the management measures for the recycling of packaging materials, are also being studied and formulated, so as to strengthen the management of packaging surcharge

at present, China has become the third largest packaging country in the world, of which the annual output of paper packaging products has exceeded 14million tons, plastic and gold 1 Packaging products such as standard equipment and glass account for the fourth place in the world, and the yield strength rel of many materials is becoming less obvious. Another version of more advanced xpressn materials has entered the final stage of research and development. The installation industry will continue to be one of the industries with sustained and rapid development during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", and its annual output value is expected to reach 450 billion yuan by 2010

however, many enterprises in China's packaging industry have not yet got rid of the extensive business model of high input, high consumption, high pollution and low output. In addition, the recycling rate of packaging materials is low. Except for some containers (such as PET bottles, cans, etc.), the recycling rate of other types of packaging materials is relatively low. Carry out the air beating experiment: lift the pendulum to the pre lifting angle position, and a large number of recyclable resources will be lost in vain, causing a serious environmental burden

relevant experts believe that the packaging industry is a resource consuming industry, and the life cycle of packaging products is shorter than that of other industrial products. Therefore, the packaging industry must take the road of sustainable development of circular economy, make efficient use and recycling of resources, actively carry out green packaging production, consumption and recycling, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of this industry

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