China will speed up the construction of UHV and sm

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China will speed up the construction of UHV and smart electricity

Yin Yonghua, chief engineer of China Electric Power Research Institute, revealed at the 6th China Electric Industry Development Summit Forum that China will speed up the construction of UHV and strong smart electricity

when reviewing the progress of UHV construction in China, Yin Yonghua talked about the following five points:

first, China has built the Saudi Basic Industry Corporation (SABIC). In September, SABIC said that the 1000 kV Southeast Shanxi Nanyang Jingmen Power Transmission and transformation demonstration project, which has the largest transmission capacity in the world and represents the highest level of international power transmission and transformation technology, was officially put into operation on January 6 this year

second, the 800 kV high-voltage DC demonstration project from Xiangjiaba, Sichuan to Shanghai has been started. The project commissioning will start next month, and it is planned to be completed in June 2010

third, major breakthroughs have been made in the development of UHV equipment, including the world's first 1000 kV, 3000 MVA UHV Transformer, and the 1000 kV high-voltage shunt reactor with the highest voltage level and the largest capacity

fourth, the UHV standardization work is at the leading level. The UHV AC 1100 kV voltage proposed by China has been recommended as the international standard voltage by the International Electrotechnical Commission and the international organization for large and medium-sized power; The new high voltage DC Transmission Technology Committee proposed by the State Grid Corporation of China to the Standardization Administration of the International Electrotechnical Commission has established a horizontal sling tension testing machine (sling tension testing machine) technical parameters:

fifthly, China has established the UHV experimental research system with the strongest test ability and the highest technical level in the world

when talking about the development idea of UHV power in China, Yin Yonghua said that in terms of AC transmission, the two major power systems in North China and central China have been connected, but it is not enough, and it needs to be extended. Shanxi should extend to northern Shaanxi, and central China should also extend to Wuhan and Wuhu, so as to form a UHV core power in North China and central China. Then, the southwest hydropower and Northern coal power bases use UHV AC and DC to send synchronous power to North China, central China and East China, forming UHV power connecting the major power bases and the north, central China and East China composite centers at the time of the experiment

when talking about the construction goal of national smart electricity, Yin Yonghua mentioned UHV transmission, large power operation control, advanced dispatching center, flexible AC transmission technology, SG186 information system construction, digital substation, etc

Yin Yonghua said that China's unified strong smart electricity has several characteristics: first, it takes ultra-high voltage electricity as the backbone network and the strong electricity based on the coordinated development of electricity at all levels; Second, the use of advanced communication, information and control technology; Third, it is characterized by informatization, automation and interaction

Yin Yonghua talked about the overall construction planning: the first stage is from 2009 to 2010, which is the pilot stage of planning, and these works have been completed now. The second stage is to formulate technical and management standards, which are currently being done. The third stage is to carry out research and development of key technologies and equipment. The fourth stage is to carry out pilot projects in all links

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