China will still buy Japanese equipment in 2018

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Will China still "buy" Japanese equipment in 2018

will China still "buy" Japanese equipment in 2018

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for Japanese enterprises, China's demand in the machinery field is expected to continue in 2018. Many listed companies are constantly expanding their production capacity to absorb orders. According to the data released by the Japan Construction Machinery Industry Association on February 27, the shipment volume in 2018 is expected to reach 2.3998 trillion yen, an increase of 5% over the 2017 forecast. The supply volume previously predicted will decrease, but due to the strong sales in North America and China, it will increase this time. In addition, the orders and production volume of machine tools and robots are also expected to increase, and the mode of China driving the growth of Japan's equipment sector seems to continue

the Japan Construction Machinery Industry Association said that with the increasingly stringent exhaust emission regulations in Japan, there was a rush to buy in Japan in 2017. Affected by its reverse effect, Japan's domestic shipments are expected to decrease by 4% in 2018. However, exports from North America and Asia, which promote housing construction and infrastructure investment, will increase by 11% and Xinlun technology will maintain positive growth as a whole. It is said that the shipment volume in 2017 (2.2831 trillion yen) is expected to reach the second highest level in history, and the shipment volume in 2018 may further increase

in China, a large construction machinery market, it is expected that the demand will continue to increase with public utilities and infrastructure investment. According to the Japan Construction Machinery Industry Association, the member enterprises that are expected to increase China's demand account for 85% of the total in 2018 and 71% in 2019. The rest are expected to be the same as before, and zero enterprises are expected to reduce demand

Kentaro Hirano, President of Japan Construction Machinery Industry Association (president of Hitachi construction machinery), said, "although there is still opacity, it is expected to remain strong". Hitachi construction machinery said, "I thought there was a risk of demand slowdown after the end of the Party Congress in October 2017, but it is expected to have a large amount of work soon."

on the one hand, China's demand has driven Japan's machine tool and robot orders to the highest level in history

according to the Japan Machine Tool Industry Association, the order volume of machine tools in 2017 increased by 31.6% year-on-year, reaching 1.6455 trillion yen, which once again hit a record high after 10 years. It is estimated that the order volume for the whole year of 2018 will reach 1.7 trillion yen, hitting a new high for two consecutive years

according to the survey of the Japan robot industry association, the robot order volume (calculated by members) in 2017 increased by 34.1% year-on-year, reaching 759.4 billion yen, a record high. The total production volume of the association's member enterprises and non member enterprises seems to reach 900 billion yen. It is expected that the production volume will further increase in 2018, reaching the 1 trillion yen mark

in the future, the manufacturing front line in Japan may have the problem of insufficient supply of parts as demand increases. In machine tools and other fields, the extension of delivery time will become a problem. In terms of construction machinery, Harry kobrak, the representative executive director of caterpillar Japan, said that "if the demand increases further in the future, the supply of parts and components will reach the limit". Previously, Japan has experienced a sharp decline in the demand for construction machinery due to the contraction of public investment. Therefore, manufacturers will not easily actively expand investment, and will continue to respond to demand changes through continuous exploration in the future

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