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On September 24, the China Plastics price index fell 11.93 points to 1230.42 points, and the China Plastics spot index rose 1.11 points to 1268.29 points

I. upstream express:

on Tuesday, the international oil price fell for the first time in five trading days, and the European and American crude oil futures once fell by $5. Narrow the decline at the close. At the same time, the rebound of the US dollar and the fear of falling demand also suppressed the rising atmosphere in the market. At the close of Tuesday, the November futures of West Texas light oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange were $106.61 a barrel, down $2.76 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 104 $58; The company has developed a variety of new replacement solutions for injection molding manufacturers of automotive window sealing strips and exterior accessories. November Brent crude oil futures on the London Intercontinental Exchange were $103.08 a barrel, down $2.96 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 100 $09

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Yanshan Petrochemical PP plant Yiju stopped for minor repair on September 18, and the start-up time is to be determined; Dimer production pipe material ppr4220; Trimer k7726

Qilu Petrochemical PP plant shut down due to insufficient propylene raw materials on the evening of September 18, and the start-up time is to be determined. It is reported that Qilu Petrochemical will reduce PP production by 4000 tons in September

the T30S produced by Tianjin United PP plant is scheduled to be overhauled for about 20 days on September 28. The latest listing price: T30S is 11600 yuan/ton, and copolymer EPS30R is 12600 yuan/ton. PP inventory is high and sales are improving

the PP resources of langang Petrochemical are uniformly allocated in the Northwest Company. It is planned to stop on September 6 and start around September 25. Today, wire drawing F401 is on sale, and the factory listing price in the province is 11900 yuan/ton

III. local market conditions:

the PP market trend of China plastic city is stable and soft, the quotation is generally stable, and some parts are slightly adjusted. Although the downstream factories can still maintain a certain amount of procurement, the total amount is obviously insufficient. As market transactions are difficult to improve, traders are worried about the future market and can only operate in a small amount of short-term operations to reduce risks. The latest mainstream quotation of domestic wire drawing/injection plastic is yuan/ton, the mainstream quotation of domestic copolymer is yuan/ton, the mainstream quotation of imported copolymer is yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of monofilament powder is 12300. It should also be considered comprehensively according to the current development scope of the enterprise and the requirements of customers

the offer in Nanjing PP market fell. Crude oil fell, business speculation enthusiasm subsided, and negative factors such as petrochemical low turnover settlement, high inventory and poor demand occupied the market mentality, and the offer fell slightly. The latest offer today: Yangzi F401 reported 12100 yuan/ton, copoly j340 reported 12600 yuan/ton, K8003 reported 12800 yuan/ton

Linyi PP market fell slightly. Sinopec's price fell and crude oil fell. Two negative factors affected the market mentality, and the offer fell slightly. The latest offer today: Zhongyuan T30S excludes tax of 11500 yuan/ton

Beijing promoted Xiangbang composite company to sign cooperation agreements with Beijing Research Institute of COMAC, Southwest Aluminum, etc. the market atmosphere of Beijing PP was slightly desolate after yesterday's hype subsided. Merchants reported that China Testing Technology Research Institute worked overtime to complete the calibration of medical imaging quality assurance instruments submitted by the CDC. The working price remained slightly higher, the trading atmosphere was general, the market was weak due to sluggish demand, and the enthusiasm for shipping was acceptable, Downstream demand continues to wait and see

the wiredrawing quotation in Shunde PP market fell slightly, the hype enthusiasm of the soaring crude oil was extinguished, the market was flat, the middlemen shipped actively, and the transaction atmosphere was general. Downstream demand continues to wait and see

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