China will vigorously develop scientific instrumen

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China will vigorously develop scientific instruments and equipment to form a pillar industry

it was learned from the Ministry of science and technology that the national "12th Five Year Plan" for science and technology development mentioned that we will vigorously develop seven strategic emerging industries, including high-end equipment manufacturing, focusing on the development of large-scale advanced transportation equipment and systems, marine engineering equipment in the application process, high-end intelligent manufacturing and basic manufacturing equipment. Implement high-speed trains, green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, service robots, high-end marine engineering equipment, scientific instruments and equipment and other scientific and technological industrialization projects

cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries is of great significance to promoting the upgrading of industrial structure and accelerating the transformation of economic development mode. The experimental machine produced by our company is well known in Jinan. We must take breaking through a number of key common technologies supporting the development of strategic emerging industries as the priority task of scientific and technological development. In the fields of energy conservation and environmental protection, new generation information technology, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, new energy vehicles and other industries, we should concentrate our superior forces to tackle key problems, so as to lay a solid foundation for enhancing the core competitiveness of strategic emerging industries. By fully releasing the four fixing screws of the experimental machine, the experimental machine can be hoisted to the installation position, playing the core leading role of national science and technology major projects such as American Sportan filter and the radiation driving role of high-tech zones, vigorously promoting the integrated application of innovative achievements and business model innovation, and accelerating the pace of strategic emerging industries becoming the leading and pillar industries of the national economy

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