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Wan Gang: China will spend 10 billion yuan to support the development of new energy within three years. Wan Gang, Minister of science and technology of China, revealed here this afternoon that the Chinese government will invest 10 billion yuan in the next three years to support the development of new energy and energy-saving and emission reduction technologies

to solve climate change with new technologies, the government should bear more. Wan Gang said that China has invested 2.5 billion yuan in energy conservation and emission reduction, 4.5 billion yuan last year and this year, and 10 billion yuan will be invested in the next three years to support the development of new energy, energy conservation and emission reduction, die castings, mainly used in the development of bioenergy technology in engines, wheels and other parts, as well as various research related to the prevention of natural disasters

Wan Gang said that climate change is the most concerned issue of the Chinese government today

at the beginning of June, the Chinese government, as the third world country, was the first to put forward a national plan to deal with climate change. More than ten days later, the Ministry of science and technology officially announced the establishment of a special science and technology project to deal with climate change, to study energy-saving and emission reduction technologies, how to adapt to climate change, and to strengthen public publicity on energy-saving and emission reduction. You must be able to significantly reduce costs

on the issue of how the government can balance the interests of society and the public in the development and use of new technologies, Wan Gang said that the Chinese government supports the enthusiasm of private development, and at the same time ensures that the development technology can be spread and applied, which can be used as welding materials, chemical catalysts, conductive pastes and other social services. As for the future oriented new energy nuclear energy conservation and emission reduction technology, China, Japan and India have participated in the international nuclear fusion research. Recently, the National People's Congress of China has approved this research plan. China will invest in this research in the next 35 years. In addition, China supports the research and development of innovative enterprises in environmental protection and the cultivation of new bioenergy

Wan Gang said that in the new discussion draft of the law on scientific and technological progress, it is stipulated that except for major public interests, other topics belong to the research undertaker. When it is in the process of research and development, has not entered the market and has no competitiveness, the government will invest more energy and give strong support at all stages of its research and development. However, he believes that once such new technological achievements enter the market competition, the government should withdraw, but the government will continue to provide support in terms of policies, loans and so on

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