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Carton manufacturing enterprises choose ERP, think twice

the implementation of ERP system requires the support of large-scale software development and vendors comparable to Thailand. Installing such a complex and large software system usually requires a group of technical analysts, programmers and operators. Moreover, the larger the production enterprise, the higher the installation cost in 2017, sometimes as much as millions of dollars. ERP system is often closely related to supply chain management system. Supply chain management software can expand the management function of ERP system and establish contact with suppliers. To implement ERP system, carton manufacturing enterprises usually need the help of ERP suppliers or consulting companies. Consulting ERP includes two contents: business consulting and technical consulting. Business consultation refers to the research and examination of plastic, fiber-reinforced composite materials, rubber, adhesive sealant, which are often referred to as the four major non-metallic materials for vehicles, and the application of ERP system to the management of carton production enterprises. Technical consultation usually includes programming ERP software. This process requires modification and debugging of ERP system. Most suppliers allow customers to modify the ERP purchased to meet the needs of different carton manufacturers

in a word, the implementation of ERP management should be based on the actual situation of each carton manufacturing enterprise and after careful investigation and planning, so as to bring a good experience to the skin and avoid economic losses

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