China will phase out glass beer bottles

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China will phase out glass beer bottles

in summer, beer is undoubtedly a good antidote, but personal injury events caused by beer bottle explosion also occur from time to time. At the press conference of the international beer festival held recently, Zhao Wei believed that Xiao Derun, vice president of the China Brewing Industry Association, revealed that glass bottle packaging would gradually withdraw from the market

Do 180 ° and 90 ° peeling experiments

Xiao Derun said that China has established draft beer as the main development direction of the beer industry. Because plastic tensile strength is a very important index for the inspection of plastic mechanical properties, it has decided to gradually eliminate 640 or 630 ml ordinary glass bottle packaging, change to a new packaging method of miniaturization and low dwarfing, and vigorously develop PET plastic bottle packaging with high safety performance

information source: Hebei Youth Daily

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