Hot and cold beverage filling has its own advantag

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Cold and hot beverage filling has its own advantages

"cold filling technology" has recently become a hot topic. However, insiders believe that both cold and hot filling have their own advantages, and they will still coexist in China's liquid food packaging market for a long time

recently, Huiyuan's "real fresh orange" advertisement took "aseptic cold filling" as one of its selling points, and transmitted this new filling concept to the majority of consumers, which also heated the debate between "hot and cold". The aseptic cold filling process introduced by Huiyuan is to sterilize the product, bottle and cover respectively, and then fill in a sterile environment. Without adding preservatives to the product, it can also maintain the original flavor and have a longer shelf life, thus giving consumers a higher level of protection

the traditional hot filling process has two ways: one is high-temperature hot filling; First, after low-temperature filling, the product is heated to ℃ for pasteurization. Both methods do not require separate sterilization of products, bottles and lids. Tetra Pak packaging adopts the hot filling process, through UHT ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization, and heats the fruit juice to 95 ℃ for 15 seconds. The process is simple, the production cost is low, the quality is easy to control, and the shelf life can reach about one year

therefore, experts believe that, Wolfgang Fe, director of science and technology of the German passive Housing Research Institute, did not introduce it because of time, Dr. ist said: "Compared with traditional buildings, the two filling processes with different characteristics have sufficient advantages to seize their respective markets.

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