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The "2018 top ten brands of Chinese water pumps" was announced with honor.

"2018 top ten brands of Chinese water pumps" is the most extensive and largest brand comprehensive strength ranking and selection activity hosted by the brand ranking. In this selection, tens of thousands of friends were invited to vote and comment. After several rounds of review, the top ten brands with outstanding quality and the most popular in the industry were selected. Brand ranking to

"2018 top ten brands of water pumps in China" is the most extensive and largest brand comprehensive strength ranking activity hosted by the brand ranking. In this selection, tens of thousands of friends were invited to vote and comment. After several rounds of review, the top ten brands with outstanding quality and the most popular in the industry were selected. Brand ranking is committed to promoting the branding of Chinese consumption patterns and building a good consumption environment. Since its establishment, the event has received a warm response, which not only attracted nearly half of domestic brands and dealers, but also was highly concerned by more than 70 well-known media such as Sina, Yi, Xinhua, China, Sohu and so on, sharing the brand feast. The reports of major media provide an opportunity for domestic excellent brands to gather popularity and improve the brand popularity and influence by implementing the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator. The excellent enterprises and brands listed on the list of "top ten brands of Chinese water pumps in 2018" are as follows:

first place: New Territories Pump Group Co., Ltd. (New Territories)

New Territories Pump Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1984, is headquartered in Wenling Daxi, Zhejiang Province, the hometown of Chinese water pumps. It is a joint-stock listed company specializing in the production and operation of all kinds of pumps and control equipment. For more than 30 years, New Territories pump industry has been focusing on the technical research, manufacturing and market promotion of various pumps and control equipment, and is committed to providing the world with the best pump and water treatment system solutions

based on its keen market insight, in 1987, the company developed a "screw pump" that filled the gap in the domestic market at that time. Due to its excellent quality, the new territories pump soon emerged in the industry, opening the journey of the legendary brand of the new territories pump industry in China's pump industry. The company successfully entered the A-share market on December 31, 2010 and was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 002532). At present, the company has three business divisions: Shangma, submersible pump and canned motor pump. It has six production bases and 11 holding subsidiaries across the country, and has become a real leading brand in China's water pump industry

since its establishment, the company has been actively promoting lean production, total quality management and environmental management. At present, the company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification, implemented excellent performance management in accordance with gb/t 19580, and established a perfect quality assurance system. The company has established a leading physical and chemical testing center in the whole industry, and the ex factory performance testing platform has been identified by the authoritative department to reach grade B (grade 1) accuracy. The product quality has been widely praised by the majority of consumers, and has been rated as "consumer trustworthy unit" by Taizhou Consumer Association for six consecutive sessions. In 2010, the company won the "Taizhou mayor Quality Award" award. In 2014, the new territories won the honorary titles of "first prize of science and Technology Progress Award" issued by the Ministry of education and "second prize of national science and Technology Progress Award" issued by the State Council

for more than 30 years, the new territories has unswervingly pursued the dream of "providing the world with the best pump and water treatment system solutions, and allowing mankind to enjoy a high-quality life". Adhering to the core values of "value innovation, struggle and win-win results", it creatively provides valuable services to customers, leads the progress of the industry, and drives China's water pump industry into a more brilliant era

second place: Weile (China) water pump system Co., Ltd. (Weile)

Weile (China) water pump system Co., Ltd. is an important branch of Weile group (willow SE) in the world. It entered China in 1995. After more than 20 years of development, there are 14 branches in China with nearly 800 employees. At present, the headquarters and R & D center of Weile China are located in Beijing, and there are two factories in Beijing and Qinhuangdao respectively. Weile takes improving the domestic water of Chinese people as its own responsibility, and actively invests in the R & D and production of water pumps. Its products are mainly used in heating, refrigeration and air conditioning technology, water supply and sewage treatment, industry and other fields. At the same time, it also produces motors and supporting control devices for pump products

headquartered in Dortmund, Germany, Weile is one of the world's leading manufacturers of pumps and pump systems. The company was founded in 1872. At that time, it was just a copper and brass products factory. After more than 140 years of development, Weile company now has more than 60 subsidiaries around the world with about 7600 employees

the enterprise spirit of Welle China is "unity, enterprising, innovation and excellence". We look forward to more people with dreams and dare to work hard to join the Welle family and create our own glory

third place: Shanghai Kaiquan pump industry (Group) Co., Ltd. (Kaiquan)

Shanghai Kaiquan is a large comprehensive pump industry group integrating the design, production and sales of pumps, water supply equipment and pump control equipment, and is a leading enterprise in China's pump industry. With a total assets of 3.8 billion yuan, it has 7 enterprises and 5 industrial parks in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hebei, Liaoning, Anhui and other provinces and cities, covering an area of 670000 square meters and a construction area of 350000 square meters

advanced and complete R & D and manufacturing equipment system is a strong guarantee for the development of Kaiquan. Kaiquan group has three advanced basic research laboratories: mechanics research laboratory, hydraulic research laboratory and material application research laboratory. Thermal shock test bench, high-precision closed test bench and large-scale water conservancy test center have been established. At the same time, Kaiquan has a domestic advanced and complete manufacturing equipment system, and has been equipped with 1200 sets/set of advanced production and testing equipment. Among them, there are 56 imported equipment, 240 large-scale processing equipment, and more than 300 CNC processing equipment/set

Kaiquan products are everywhere, and have become a model of national key projects. Kaiquan group has successfully passed the "three systems" certification of quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system and the American Rab multilateral international certification. The products produced cover dozens of categories including construction, municipal administration, electricity, petroleum, chemical industry and mining, and nearly 100 series. Now, "Kaiquan" products are distributed all over the world: South to North Water Transfer Project, Datang Baoji thermal power plant, Weiqiao Changshan power plant, Beihai power plant, Huangdao Oil depot, Sinopec Tianjin 1million ton ethylene project, Huaibei Mining Bureau, Anyang Iron and steel, WorldExpo Park, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Oriental Pearl TV Tower TV Tower, Pudong International Airport, Shanghai Maglev Beijing subway and other national key projects

facing the future, Shanghai Kaiquan has formulated the development strategy of "leading the rise of China's pump industry", committed to the localization of high-end pump products in the fields of large-scale thermal power, petrochemical industry, seawater desalination and so on, and made every effort to build a world-famous brand, become a multinational company with international competitiveness, and enter the top ten pump industries in the world

the fourth place: Shanghai Oriental Pump Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. (Oriental)

Shanghai Oriental Pump Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. is a well-known domestic science, industry and technology enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing, marketing and service, whose main business is pump operation, involving motor, valve, electronic control system, environmental protection and energy conservation, mechanical casting, heat exchanger, air compressor, reducer, electrical products, pressure vessels and other related fields Trade enterprise group

founded in the 1980s, the company now has assets of hundreds of millions of yuan and a registered capital of two hundred and eighty thousand yuan. Its subsidiaries include Luodian foundry, Dongfang Weill air compressor, Dongfang Weill transmission equipment, Dongfang Weill motor, Dongfang Weill valve, Dongfang Weill energy saving technology, Dongfang Weill water treatment equipment, Nantong Weill motor, Dongfang pump Nantong Co., Ltd., yist pressure vessel and yist electric. The group covers a total area of 516000 square meters, with a construction area of 438000 square meters, and its comprehensive strength ranks in the forefront of China's pump industry

the company has won the titles of "national inspection free products" and China's top 500 machinery enterprises, and has been rated as Shanghai contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise, Shanghai class a tax paying enterprise and AAA credit enterprise. The company is now a director of China General Machinery Pump Industry Association, a vice chairman of the pump valve Committee of the irrigation and drainage branch of China water conservancy enterprise association, a member of China energy conservation engineering construction, a member of Sinopec market, a member of the first-class network of PetroChina natural gas, a member of the power station accessories supply network of State Power Corporation, a member of the pump valve industry network of China National Chemical Equipment Corporation, a member of Shanghai Fire Protection Association, etc

all employees of Dongfang pump group are actively striving to create a modern first-class enterprise, and the future of Dongfang will be better

fifth place: Liaoning Tongda Pump Industry Group Co., Ltd. (shenliu)

Liaoning Tongda Pump Industry Group Co., Ltd. (formerly Huludao Tongda Pump Industry Co., Ltd.) is a famous large pump industry group company in China that develops, designs, produces, sells, pumps, water supply equipment, motors, and electric control cabinets. The group governs: Liaoning Tongda Pump Group shenliu Pump Co., Ltd., Liaoning Tongda Pump Group Shenlong Pump Co., Ltd. and Liaoning Tongda Motor Co., Ltd

since its establishment in 1986, the company has adhered to the business philosophy of survival by quality and development by innovation. Through long-term technical cooperation with institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions, it has undertaken a number of national scientific research projects, obtained national financial support for many times, and continuously developed and produced diversified high-performance products that meet the needs of users. The company covers an area of more than 40000 square meters, with a construction area of 18000 square meters and total assets of more than 100 million yuan. At present, there are 518 employees, including 2 experts at the level of 1million, 10million, 160million and more than 200million times (width R8 mm, hardness 60 °, pressure 250g, twice per second), 2 senior engineers, 29 engineers and 11 technicians. At present, Tongda has 16 categories, 50 series and more than 5000 models, some of which have won national technical invention patents. The registered trademark of the product, shenliu, has a wide range of brand effects in the market. The products are mainly used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, heating, water supply, urban construction, fire protection, air conditioning and other fields. The marketing network covers all parts of the country, with branches in major provinces and cities, and is exported to Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions

Liaoning Tongda Pump Group Co., Ltd. has a perfect quality assurance system, manufacturing quality control, corresponding qualifications and capabilities of business management, and good bank credit and business reputation in terms of professional technology, equipment, facilities, personnel organization, experience and performance. We will continue to take the revitalization of national pump products as our own responsibility and scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, and strive to become a modern enterprise with advanced technology, complete varieties and the ability to integrate pump products, water supply equipment, electric control equipment and motor supply. It can solve the problems in fluid transportation for users, fully meet the diversified needs of users for products, provide complete pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services that are more efficient, energy-saving, scientific and environmental protection, and design and manufacture various pump products according to the specific requirements of users. Welcome to choose and use "shenliu" brand pump products. Liu Wenxi, chairman and Liu Jiuhui, President of Liaoning Tongda Pump Group Co., Ltd., together with all employees, will serve you wholeheartedly, hand in hand, keep pace with the times, and create brilliance

sixth place: Shandong Bo Pump Technology Co., Ltd. (Boshan)

Shandong Bo pump

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