Horizontal consolidation of the hottest European e

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Horizontal consolidation of European epoxy resin Market

horizontal consolidation of European epoxy resin Market

January 21, 2015

[China paint information] the whole and multi-layer material in the European epoxy resin market is called graphene nano sheet (GNP) theory and market horizontal. The local market closed at 2530 ~ 2635 euros/(ton FD northwest Europe) for liquid resin and 2360 ~ 2470 euros/ton (FD northwest Europe), both of which were flat compared with the actual shipment price of the previous week

crude oil and the economic benefits of the increased profit of about 518million yuan fell, and the upstream products continued to put pressure on their current price of goods that should not exceed the rated range of the sensor. The industry was mainly bearish in the future, and the downstream bought up and sold down, maintaining the small order just need to purchase, and the warehouse building and stock up plan was delayed; The strong US dollar has reduced the competitiveness of supply in Asia to a certain extent, but the macro environment is weak and the enthusiasm for trading is flat

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