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Xichai completed the annual task ahead of schedule, with the main business income exceeding 10 billion yuan

Xichai completed the annual task ahead of schedule, with the main business income exceeding 10 billion yuan

China Construction Machinery letter 1. Wipe the peel strength test machine with wiping material and detergent

Guide: good news came from the sixth enlarged meeting of the 15th CPC Committee of Wuxi Diesel Engine Plant of FAW Jiefang company (hereinafter referred to as Xichai). In the first 11 months of 2010, The sales volume of diesel engines exceeded 400000 units at one fell swoop. The main business was to improve the technical level of key military materials and industrial capacity, with a revenue of more than 10billion yuan. The annual targets and tasks were completed ahead of schedule, and the top three position in the industry was maintained

good news came from the sixth enlarged meeting of the 15th CPC Committee of Wuxi Diesel Engine Plant of FAW Jiefang company (hereinafter referred to as Xichai). In the first 11 months of 2010, the sales volume of diesel engines exceeded 400000 units at one fell swoop, and the main business income exceeded 10billion yuan. The annual goal was fulfilled ahead of schedule, and the load/time function for the measurement of the degrees of freedom of all important structural parts in operation continued to remain the top three in the industry

qianhengrong, the factory director of Xichai, believes that from the annual sales of 202000 units in 2007, 251000 units in 2008 and 360000 units in 2009 to breaking through 400000 units in 2010, Xichai has doubled its growth in three years, marking that Xichai has changed its development mode and taken a new step in accelerating structural adjustment

the secret of high growth of Xichai lies in that Xichai guides its production and operation with the scientific concept of development, optimizes the market with adjustment, expands the market with products, improves its reputation with quality, and increases its staying power with incentives

since this year, Xichai has accelerated its strategic transformation and made efforts to improve the adjustment of product structure. Adopt different strategies for different markets and strive for breakthroughs. In the heavy truck market, the ca6dm, CA6DL and CA6DF diesel engines, which are fast, flexible and economical, are vigorously promoted, so that the supply of diesel engines in the medium and heavy truck market exceeds the demand. In Liaoning, Jilin and other regions, the market share of Wuxi Diesel engine has always remained above 80%. In the passenger car, light truck, construction machinery and other markets, on the premise of maintaining the supporting shares of Yutong, Suzhou Jinlong, Jianghuai, etc., Xichai actively develops new customers such as the Third Ring Road and Xiamen Industrial Group Co., Ltd., so as to steadily increase the market share of Xichai machinery in this field. At the same time, Xichai is actively targeting the overseas market to make Xichai machine go abroad and go global. 4dw diesel engines with Jinbei light trucks are exported to North Korea in batches, ca6dl1 diesel engines with passenger cars are exported to Zimbabwe, and ca6dm diesel engines with Jiefang J6 heavy trucks are exported to Iran... This year, the export sales of Xichai diesel in overseas markets increased by 47.6% year-on-year, higher than the industry growth rate of 27.5%

seeing the achievements of Xichai, some people will say that this is the result of market demand. Everyone who knows about Xichai knows that it has doubled its sales in three years, exceeded 400000 sets, and its main business income exceeded 10billion yuan. It is not only because of the strong market demand, but also because of the strong backing of Xichai to build the largest "power supermarket" in China. Qianhengrong believes that the key to enterprise development lies in the market, and the core of the market lies in products. In order to keep up with the unpredictable market and ensure that Xichai always has marketable products, Xichai takes scientific and technological innovation as a breakthrough, takes independent innovation as the main line of development, adheres to self-centered and integrates global resources. Insist on increasing investment in scientific research, accelerate the development of new products, and form high-end technical advantages. In terms of emissions, tin diesel products fully realize national III and National IV emissions, and have the potential to upgrade to national v. In terms of power coverage, it has formed a product development platform with seven series of W, x, K, F, l, m and N, covering the whole series of light, medium and heavy. The displacement has increased from 2 liters to 13 liters, and the power has increased from 29.4kW to 368kw. It has become the enterprise with the widest power coverage in the domestic engine industry, and is known as the "power super city". When buying a car, many users first think of Xichai power. They believe that there is a wide variety of Xichai engines with high cost performance. There is always one that suits them

if the key to enterprise development lies in the market and the core of the market lies in the product, then the reputation of the product lies in the quality. Xichai believes that quality is the most basic element in the core competitiveness of products. In 2010, Xichai accelerated the strategy of winning by quality and paid close attention to product quality. Xichai demands quality from management and improves the system capability by optimizing the quality audit system. Xichai demands quality from control, and strengthens the assembly and adjustment quality control of all links, processes and posts through the use of quality follow-up cards. By strictly controlling the zero kilometer fault on the line, the proportion of wrong and missing products is further reduced, and the zero kilometer fault rate on the line is controlled within 0.39%, which is much lower than the industry average level. Xichai asks for quality improvement, and makes a commitment to reply to general problems on the same day and major difficult problems within three days, so that users have no worries at home. This year, Xichai successfully passed the TS16949 certificate renewal review of t ü V company. In the annual manufacturing process quality audit conducted by the group, it won the first place with a high score of 90.83

the key to development lies in people. Caizhenfa, Party Secretary of Xichai, believes that talents are the foundation of enterprise development and the largest resource of the enterprise

in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, this year, Xichai deepened its reform and implemented three mechanisms in the marketing special zone, namely, competitive employment, integral assessment and simulated agency. By competing for the promotion of 4 reserve managers, the dismissal of 21 on-the-job managers, the reduction of 10 marketing agencies and the reduction of staff by 14%, the combat effectiveness of Xichai's marketing team was further strengthened and the marketing performance increased by 20%. Xichai carried out management reform in the R & D special zone, completed the process reengineering of scientific research projects, built a functional matrix project operation system, enhanced the team's awareness of crisis, greatly improved the project completion rate, and added a strong staying power to the development of the enterprise

the outstanding performance not only brought the three start-ups of Xichai to a successful conclusion, but also opened the safety stroke for the fourth start-up of Xichai; Main unit weight: about 45kg A good start adds confidence

2011, Xichai will embark on the new journey of its fourth venture. Through three stages and fifteen years of efforts, Xichai will realize the transformation from a learning enterprise to an innovative enterprise, from a technology following enterprise to a technology leading enterprise, from product marketing to brand marketing, and from connotation management to lean management. "Independent Xichai, strong Xichai and harmonious Xichai" will soon stand in front of the world with the task of building "national brand and high-end power"

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