The most popular Xin Guolian futures futures rose

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Xinguolian Futures: the futures were against the spot and fluctuated upward

crude oil continued to fall due to concerns about the slowdown of global economic growth and the forecast of inventory rise. Affected by this, Japanese rubber opened higher and went lower in the morning, while Shanghai Rubber rose and fell back. The intraday fluctuation went higher until the closing, with a maximum of 23430 and a minimum of 22990 throughout the day, 142424 transactions and 61486 positions, a slight increase

fundamentals. According to the news in Bangkok on January 24, the price of Thailand's uss3 spot rubber fell on Thursday, and the market trading was slow because buyers chose to leave the market to wait and see and wait for the guidance of strength. Phuket's traders said that the third-party producers were unwilling to reduce their quotations because of the high cost of raw rubber affected by adverse weather. However, the tight supply is expected to provide support for the price in the next few trading days. As Thailand rose into the defoliation season earlier than expected, the amount of latex produced by rubber trees decreased. On the Heai center rubber market, the price of uss3 rubber was reported at 78.90 baht per kilogram and 79.25 baht per kilogram by Wednesday afternoon

in terms of technology, the Japanese rubber opened higher and went higher, supported by the short-term price of 277.5 yen. The MACD indicator shows a downward trend, and there is a need to continue to explore. Some of these specifications are standard configuration of Jinan star. Whether the double top graphic can be formed remains to be confirmed. In May, HuJiao 805 was supported by 23000 gold (216.70,4.11,1.93%), which was required to fill the gap in the early stage. However, MACD indicators showed that death crossed, and it was possible to continue to explore. Recently, we have focused on 22600 gold support, 22200 120 day moving average support and 23500 pressure

operation suggestions: the cutting of Shanghai Jiao is stopped in China, and it is off-season abroad. The demand before the festival is strong, and the rise in the middle line will not change. In the short term, it will be adjusted downward driven by worries about the slowdown of the US economy and the correction of crude oil. It is required to make up the gap in the early stage in the near future. In short-term trading, you can cautiously short on high, but pay attention to the gold support level of 22600 and the 120 day moving average support of 22200, grasp the rhythm and trade cautiously

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