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Xindi digital assisted Hangzhou in providing epidemic prevention products and services for enterprises to return to work through remote office

Xindi digital assisted Hangzhou in providing epidemic prevention products and services for enterprises to return to work through remote office

China Construction Machinery Information, To help with the resumption of work and epidemic prevention and control, Hangzhou specially solicited products and services from enterprises throughout the city to support remote office and help with the resumption of work and epidemic prevention. After solicitation and strict screening by Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, 113 products and services were selected from hundreds of units. Of which, Xindi digital has four independently developed products, including the lithium battery industry integration and annexation driven by the spring tide of electric vehicles, which will directly promote major changes in the industry structure. It is fortunate to be included in the catalogue of products and services that support enterprise remote office and help return to work for epidemic prevention ", including: Xindi collaborative design solution and Xindi 3. If loose dsource parts library, Xindi drawing access and Xindi equipment access are found.

in this special period, cloud office, cloud design, cloud service and cloud operation and maintenance have become the urgent needs of the public. Xindi digital timely responds to the needs of the municipal government, enterprises and individual users, and timely launches Xindi's cloud products: collaborative design solution, 3dsource parts library and drawings These products cover R & D and design, production and manufacturing, operation and maintenance services, operation and management and other categories. They are widely applicable to all walks of life. They also provide 50% discount, free trial, free training/remote services, and actively provide help within their capabilities for the "epidemic" of the war

since its establishment in 2003, Xindi digital has been an innovative technology company focusing on original technologies in the field of industrial software. It has world-class technical strength in R & D and design of industrial software, and provides enterprises with R & D and design software platform and digital product innovation services. Relying on the mature software R & D system and world-class technology R & D strength, the company has developed a series of industrial software products around the cloud collaboration and cloud sharing of product 3D R & D design and design data in production, manufacturing, marketing, operation and maintenance services and other links

Xindi collaborative design solution

Xindi collaborative design solution supports the generation and management of design data for manufacturing enterprises, and opens up the cloud based remote collaboration and sharing of design data in R & D, design and manufacturing. Its core functional components include 3D part design, 3D assembly design, automatic associated engineering drawing design and design BOM generation, parametric modeling, feature modeling and direct modeling, sheet metal design, associated design, frame design, surface design, welding design, animation and explosion, simulation analysis, etc., and provide a standard parts library

the product design data based on the unified data model is managed in the cloud and seamlessly integrated with the design software. The data and users are managed in a web-based way. The project members can share data in the cloud. At the same time, it supports the preview and interactive operation of a variety of mainstream 3d and 2D data formats based on the Jinan experimental machine service system Web (such as rotation, movement, sectioning, explosion, annotation comment, measurement, etc.)

Xindi 3dsource part library

Xindi 3dsource part library is currently an Internet cloud component CAD model library platform that supports major mainstream CAD software, supports new standards, and contains a very rich variety of components. At the same time, it is also the first batch of parts library platforms in China that have started, developed rapidly and have a large scale of users. It provides three-dimensional CAD models of standard parts, common parts and manufacturer parts with more than 50 million specifications, integrating product display, parametric selection, data search, three-dimensional preview, BOM data modification, CAD data download and other functions, helping Chinese manufacturing engineers improve product design quality and efficiency, and helping Chinese manufacturing

Xindi draftpass

Xindi draftpass is a cloud software for technical communication and coordination based on 3D drawings and 2D drawings. It integrates the functions of viewing, sharing, annotating, communicating and managing drawings in the cloud. Draftpass supports multiple application terminals such as app, browser and PC, and supports more than 30 3D models and 2D drawings. It can be mainly applied to the technical exchange work in the links of product R & D and design, production and manufacturing, and after-sales service

through "drawing communication", 8. Measurement accuracy can easily and quickly share product 3D models, 2D drawings and technical data to your design team members, production personnel, after-sales technicians, partners, customers, etc., and exchange and communicate with each other based on product drawings/technical data

Xindi devicecom

Xindi devicecom is an intelligent cloud platform for cloud device management, fault warranty and maintenance. The device general includes the PC end management platform and the end app warranty and repair application, which can easily support the equipment warranty and maintenance operations in the mobile environment. With the advantage of cloud, the management and data statistics of product equipment series are realized, and the remote automatic warranty and real-time maintenance of equipment are realized through IOT interface

this selection of the first batch of resumption of work and epidemic prevention products and services in Hangzhou is the excellent report card of Xindi digital's R & D strength, product operation, customer service and production management for many years. At present, all employees of the company work remotely and help the resumption of work and production during the epidemic period through collaborative development and other platforms, providing full and timely operation guarantee for front-line work

we believe that Xindi digital, these excellent domestic industrial cloud software, is the best choice for governments and enterprises at all levels to realize remote office, promote efficient organization collaboration, and help rapid enterprise digital transformation. At present, a large number of enterprises are facing the difficulty of resuming production, and Xindi digital can quickly help these enterprises to quickly restore design, management, operation and maintenance and operation, and play a positive and effective role in fighting the "epidemic", so that we can work together to overcome the difficulties

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