The most popular Xin Guolian futures rebounded and

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Xinguolian Futures: the rebound ended, and plastics returned to the downward trend

on November 5, due to the great convenience brought by the sharp rise of crude oil overnight, even plastics jumped short and opened high, and the final market was mixed. The main contract l0901 opened high at 6620 yuan in the morning, with a maximum of 6630 yuan and a minimum of 6450 yuan. The final market was 110 yuan higher than the settlement price of the previous day, and it was reported at 6465 yuan. The intraday trading was active, and the trading volume was 29732 hands, to 221386 hands, and the position was reduced by 906 hands, To 36586 hands

in the upstream market, there are signs that some OPEC member states have begun to implement the decision to reduce production to stimulate buyers' purchase. Ethylene side 1. The measurement and control system is a precision measurement and control system that adopts advanced microcomputer program control, multi-channel signal measurement, and full digital point 1 test word closed-loop control. The latest closing of Asian ethylene was stable, CFR reported USD/ton in Northeast Asia and USD/ton in Southeast Asia. The sharp rise in the international crude oil market has boosted Lian plastic's sharp jump in the morning. The confidence of spot traders has slightly recovered, and the market has stopped falling and stabilized. Traders often wait for petrochemical settlement before making an order. Their intention to make an order and take delivery of goods is not strong, and the downturn in downstream demand has not shown any signs of improvement. From a comprehensive perspective, Lian plastic may follow the shock of the crude oil market recently

overnight crude oil fell $4.83, and it is expected that plastics will stop yesterday's rebound and return to the downward trend

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