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At the national two sessions last year, he Yu, together with Wang Shoujun, general manager of China Nuclear Industry Construction Corporation, Wang Ji, chairman of Dongfang Electric Group, Liu Wei, general manager of China Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation, Wan Gang, President of China Academy of atomic energy, Luo Qi, President of China Academy of nuclear power, and other 11 people, jointly submitted a proposal for nuclear power to go out to the conference

the approval of Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear power project means that China's nuclear power has entered a new round of intensive approval stage

according to the securities times on March 411, turn off the machine according to the procedure requirements after use, and it is strictly forbidden to directly cut off the power channel. The Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant Phase II project using China's improved pressurized water reactor nuclear power technology CPR1000 has been approved by the national energy administration. On February 17 this year, units 5 and 6 of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant were officially approved at the State Council office meeting. Since then, the Hongyanhe phase II project needs to be approved by the national development and Reform Commission and sent a letter to the enterprise. After obtaining the construction license of nuclear power plant issued by the National Nuclear Safety Administration, such as whether semiconductors can provide more effective solar cell components, the construction can be started

this is the first nuclear power project approved in recent years. Affected by the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan, the domestic nuclear power safety audit standards were significantly improved. The construction of Tianwan nuclear power phase II project was approved only in December 2012, and no new projects were approved in the next 26 months

in addition to the Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station Phase II project, the approval progress of Shandong Shidaowan national nuclear cap1400 demonstration project and Fuqing phase II Hualong No. 1 project is ahead

insiders believe that the official restart of nuclear power in the mainland means that the construction of nuclear power is accelerated. According to the medium - and long-term plan for nuclear power, by 2020, China will have 58 million kilowatts of nuclear power installed capacity, with 30 million kilowatts under construction

strive for the international market

in February this year, the State Council approved the merger of China Power Investment Corporation (hereinafter referred to as CPI) and the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as state nuclear technology corporation). After the merger, the two companies formed a tripartite confrontation with China Nuclear Industry and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group in the domestic nuclear power market

China power investment was born out of the former State Power Corporation. When it was founded in 2002, it inherited all the nuclear power assets of the original company and became one of the three companies with nuclear power licenses in the country. The national nuclear technology group was established in 2007 with the original intention of introducing AP1000 technology from Westinghouse to be the main carrier and research and development platform for engineering construction and independent development. On the basis of AP1000, it launched the domestic third-generation nuclear power technology cap1400

the merger of China Power Investment and China Nuclear Technology Corporation has enhanced the space for cap1400 technology to be deployed in China. At present, Shandong Shidaowan National Nuclear demonstration project, a demonstration project using cap1400 technology, is also awaiting approval as a new nuclear power project. The restart of nuclear power projects has allowed nuclear power equipment to go out and enter the high-level vision of the country again. But opening up the international market is not a smooth road. An executive of a central nuclear power enterprise said that Russia had snatched nuclear power orders that had come to the lips of Chinese enterprises

the United States, Russia, France, Japan, South Korea and other nuclear power powers have targeted the international market, taking nuclear power export as a national strategy, thereby driving domestic technological progress and industrial upgrading. Among them, Russia has the strongest momentum. Since 2005, it has accumulated overseas orders for using this technology and equipping more than 20 nuclear power units

He Yu, chairman of CGNPC, believes that Russia, South Korea and Japan, which are active in the international nuclear power market and have a high bid winning rate, have three common characteristics in the work of nuclear power going global: technical products with independent intellectual property rights; The safety and economy of the products are reasonably balanced, the progressiveness and maturity are effectively unified, and the industrial supporting facilities are complete, which is internationally competitive; The state came forward, promoted by the high-level, and provided export preferences and supporting policies

He Yu said that in fact, after 30 years of development, China's nuclear power has also fully realized the four autonomy of independent design, independent manufacturing, independent construction and independent operation. The scale of nuclear power and the capacity of the whole industrial chain have been improved by leaps and bounds. Engineering construction, production and operation and other fields have formed comparative advantages, which has attracted the attention of the international market

the localization rate of the first set of Hualong 1, a third-generation nuclear motor independently designed and produced by China, can reach 90%, and the basic cost is 2800-3000 US dollars/kW, which is competitive with the Russian nuclear power technology products with the largest international orders at present. He Yu believed that the state should approve the construction of hualong-1 in China as soon as possible, so as to enhance the confidence of foreign customers and accelerate the pace of going global. At the same time, before the completion of the manufacturing and design of the key equipment of the third generation of imported technology, Hualong 1 will be built in batches in China to ensure the smooth realization of the target of 58million nuclear power installations in 2020 approved by the State Council. At present, Fuqing phase II Hualong No. 1 project has been waiting in line for approval

He Yu believes that accelerating the going out of hualong-1 can make full use of and continuously improve the domestic mature industrial foundation, engineering advantages and operation experience, complete the engineering practice in a relatively short time, and quickly drive the domestic technology, engineering, equipment and team to go out

at the national two sessions last year, he Yu, together with Wang Shoujun, general manager of China Nuclear Industry Construction Corporation, Wang Ji, chairman of Dongfang Electric Group, Liu Wei, general manager of China Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation, Wan Gang, President of China Academy of atomic energy, Luo Qi, President of China Academy of nuclear power, and other 11 people, jointly submitted a proposal to the conference on the going out of nuclear power

recovery of nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry

it is understood that at present, China has formed a set/year nuclear power equipment manufacturing capacity, but after the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan, the pace of domestic nuclear power development slowed down, resulting in partial venting, and the contradiction of overcapacity will be more prominent

the nuclear power project of double reassembly was deeply affected, and the company's nuclear power project was originally scheduled to start in 2009. According to the data, the total investment of the project is about 5.73 billion yuan, and the total investment of phase I is about 3.53 billion yuan, mainly for the construction of large-scale nuclear power and heavy-duty special wharf for river sea combined transportation of major parts; The total investment of phase II is about 2.2 billion yuan, all of which are used to produce nuclear power related equipment. After the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in 2011, the State Council held a meeting to stop all domestic nuclear power projects. The nuclear power project of double heavy installation was deeply hit, and its production capacity of nuclear power related products was sets/year, but it did not receive many orders

however, now the national nuclear power policy has given hope to the second heavy equipment. A senior executive of the enterprise revealed that Wang Binghua, chairman of the National Nuclear Technology Corporation, said in January this year that he hoped to strengthen cooperation in the field of nuclear power with the Zhenjiang project of the second heavy installation

Dongfang Electric, Shanghai Electric, Harbin electric power and other companies have complete production capacity of nuclear power equipment, but the current nuclear power production line is basically maintained by historical orders. Nuclear power equipment is an advantageous project of Dongfang Electric, and its orders for nuclear power equipment are the largest in China. However, after the Fukushima crisis, the operating revenue of Dongfang Electric nuclear power conventional island and nuclear island fell. In 2013, the performance declined the most, with only a few hundred million yuan of new orders

Si Zefu, general manager of Dongfang Electric, said in an interview with the media that in the 1990s, such hydrophilic monomers as 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA), N-vinyl pyrrolidone (NVP), glycidyl methacrylate (GM), 3-methylsiloxane-methylpropionoxysilane (Tris) and other companies began to prepare for nuclear power. Later, affected by the Chernobyl accident, the world's nuclear power construction stagnated, Domestic nuclear power projects have been controversial, but Dongfang Electric has formed a partnership with Framatome and ALSTOM of France, aiming at the later stage of Daya Bay, namely Ling'ao nuclear power station. Si Zefu said that although the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in Japan suddenly brought the whole nuclear power field back to winter, there was nothing wrong with the investment in the nuclear power field

nowadays, Dongfang Electric has fully blossomed in the field of nuclear power equipment. Nuclear power technology includes not only EPR in Europe and AP1000 in the United States, but also cap1400, which is China's independent innovation. At the end of 2014, 30 enterprises including Dongfang Electric signed strategic R & D agreements with CGN on the main equipment of hualong-1, nuclear grade pumps and valves, nuclear grade electrical instruments and control and other equipment. Si Zefu said that Dongfang Electric now manufactures second-generation and third-generation nuclear power technology and is studying the fourth generation

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