The hottest nuclear power aircraft carrier battle

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Nuclear power "aircraft carrier battle group" is ready to go

if we want to complete the proportion of non fossil energy by 2020 and understand and answer the questions raised by the pre meeting personnel, we will reach the goal of 15%, Nuclear power scale "Low carbon, environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable, at least 75 million KW. At present, the installed capacity of nuclear power in China is only 9 million KW, and there is a space for growth of up to 7 to 8 times in the future. First, how to effectively solve the adverse impact of plastics on the environment? A senior official of the Energy Institute of the national development and Reform Commission who participated in the early discussion of the 12th Five Year Plan for energy disclosed.

public information shows that at present, China's nuclear power generation 2. Economy: the proportion of electricity to the total power generation is only 2.2 %, ranking last among the 30 nuclear power countries. According to the 2020 target that the installed capacity of nuclear power will account for 5% of the total installed capacity of electricity in the country, it is expected that the new plan may raise the target to 80million kW or even 100million kW. This year, the number of nuclear islands under construction will reach 30, and China has become the country with the largest number of nuclear power projects under construction in the world

a researcher from a securities firm pointed out that China can independently build second-generation and second-generation semi nuclear power plants, but the third-generation nuclear power technology has not been mastered. Before mastering the third-generation technology, China's nuclear power construction cannot slow down, and a large number of second-generation nuclear power plants will be built. At the same time, introduce and digest the third generation nuclear power technology, promote it around 2015, and build a large number in 2020

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