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According to the Japanese atomic energy research and Development Agency (JAEA) station, at 14:24 local time on January 30, a state-owned nuclear office in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, 4 This system is a fully microcomputer controlled management facility. There were 9 staff on site at that time. Fortunately, 9 people wore half masks and other protective equipment, were not directly exposed to nuclear radiation, and were evacuated in time

according to the news, the accident occurred at the "Institute of nuclear fuel cycle engineering" in Tokai village, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. The staff in the plutonium fuel secondary development room prepared to replace the rubber covers of two containers containing plutonium and uranium. When the sealing interval was opened, the leaked nuclear material triggered a monitoring alarm. The staff immediately ran to another room to escape. After the accident, the monitoring results showed that the nuclear radiation data of the exhaust device and the external environment of the Institute did not fluctuate, so it was determined that the nuclear leakage had no impact on the environment

at present, the cause of the accident is under investigation. The Japan Atomic Energy Research and development agency said that the aging of containers in gb/t 10007 ⑵ 008 shear strength test method of rigid foamed plastics caused by daily use may be the main reason. It is understood that the nuclear facilities of the Japan Atomic Energy Research and development agency have leaked many times in recent years, and the Japanese government has frequently warned them of problems. In June 2017, a staff member opened the metal container containing plutonium, uranium and other powder samples. The plastic bag inside the container suddenly burst and the samples scattered out. Radioactive substances were detected in the bodies of five staff members. This nuclear leak led to the largest level of internal radiation in Japan. The universal testing machine for rubber materials mainly tests the physical properties of raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products

the Atomic Energy Commission of Taiwan's Executive Yuan said today (10) that the nuclear safety exercise 24 will be held at the first nuclear power plant and adjacent areas on the 14th and 15th. The exercise will simulate the occurrence of accidents, exercise radiation medical operations, preventive evacuation, and will detect radiation with drones for the first time. It is estimated that more than 5000 people will participate in the emergency response of the public, school teachers and students, and relevant authorities

the Energy Council said that the two units of the first nuclear power plant were shut down for a long time, and the probability and consequences of serious accidents were lower than those of the units in operation. However, in order to maintain the government's response capacity, the nuclear safety drill was continued

the items of the 14 day exercise plan include that the first nuclear power plant will carry out the in plant unit rescue drill from day to night, and the employees of the first nuclear power plant will be injured and exposed to radiation pollution. In combination with the Taipei District emergency medical response center, the New Taipei municipal government and the Taipei municipal government, the radiation medical operation of patient evacuation will be handled; In the morning, nuclear safety protection education and preventive evacuation demonstration exercises for teachers and students were conducted in primary and secondary schools in the emergency response plan area of nuclear power plant 1

on the 15th, it is planned to carry out a tourist exhortation drill at the Bay bathing beach, and carry out a multi message notice to guide people to indoor shelter, environmental radiation monitoring, UAV disaster prevention application, and set up protection stations. The Energy Council said that the additional pumping projects, including roadblock system dredging, the construction of the National Army tracked mobile bridge, the real-time return of land-based radiation detection data and environmental detection operations, will issue mobilization orders at an appropriate time to show the government's ability to respond to disasters

Qiu cicong, vice chairman of the original Energy Council, also said that a total of 25 international foreign guests signed up to observe this time, which shows that the nuclear safety exercise has won international attention and recognition

the Energy Council reminded that at 10:30 a.m. on the 15th, nuclear accident alarms, newsletters and notices will be issued in the emergency response plan area of the first nuclear power plant. At the same time, the whole district of Xinbei city will be notified through the disaster prevention alarm cell broadcast message service (CBS). Please don't panic when you hear the alarm and know the message

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